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The Sigi Style Story


It all started with a trip… 


I’ve always loved cashmere, but I discovered a new appreciation for it during an inspiring family trip to Mongolia, where we lived with and experienced the way of life of goat herders on the vast Mongolian steppe - the paradox of how such a warm, soft and luxurious wool can come from such a harsh, rugged and unforgiving environment.


Then a dinner….


Some time later, over a casual dinner conversation with friends, the idea for Sigi Style was born - a company dedicated to bringing comfort, luxury and style from the vast Mongolian steppe into the homes of our customers. 

Our promise to you…

We only use the very best quality fibres and we trust that you’ll notice the difference, both the very first time you touch one of our designs and for many years to come.

Comfort. Luxury. Style.

Combining modern lifestyle, with the warmth and

elegance of refined natural cashmere

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